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Last month, La Quinta’s dining landscape was made richer by a true haven for lovers of Italian cuisine. KIKI’S Dining & Drinks indulges patrons in a delightful blend of contemporary Italian flavors and expertly crafted cocktails. Since its doors swung open, KIKI’S has transformed the local culinary scene, garnering a devoted and enthusiastic following that grows by the week.

At the culinary helm is Jon Butler, who boasts an illustrious career as one of Southern California’s most celebrated and innovative executive chefs. With a resume that includes Desert Island Country Club’s Penney and the Parlour, Venice’s The Rose and LA’s Republique, Butler is the mastermind behind the kitchen’s creative and seasonal offerings. He meticulously sources prime local ingredients while also importing staples such as flour, olive oil, truffles, and more direct from Italy. The result is an exceptional dining experience that should not be missed. Fan favorites include the Persimmon & Arugula Salad, Sausage & Onion Pizza and Riccotta Gnocci.

Directing KIKI’S impressive beverage program is Joshua Lucas, known for his contributions to renowned establishments including LA’s famed The Magic Castle. Lucas has concocted cocktails exhibiting fresh ingredients and innovative concepts, highlighting regions of Italy using various vermouths, aparativos and amari. Notable among them is the Sicilian Necktie.

The restaurant’s wine list is a well-curated selection of Italian heritage wines, personally sourced by local sommelier Katie Finn, owner of La Quinta’s Desert Wine Shop. “The space has such a youthful, fun vibe and the menu is so modern and cosmopolitan, I wanted the wines to reflect that energy,” said Finn. She selected small producers with fun and exciting grape varietals you won’t likely see elsewhere.

Managing Partner Nick Iattoni has brought an air of sincere hospitality, rooted in his previous experience at venues like NYC’s The Breslin, The Standard Hotels and The Hampton’s Sunset Beach. Together with Partner and Maitre D, Sofia Mastroberti, the duo heads an attentive, warm and engaging service team.

The vivacious design is thoughtfully curated by Monique Lemon at Design One Eleven. Lemon sourced art and fixtures from local stores, and the result inspires a sense of wit, sensuality and coolness epitomized by the black and white photos of glamorous women savoring spaghetti that populate the rich jewel-toned walls – paying homage to Old Hollywood, New York, and, of course, Italy.

KIKI’S takes its name from the four-year-old daughter of partners Allie and Tony Baker. As Allie describes her, “Kiki is the life of every party. Full of mischief – and always the last one off the dance floor.” Her joie de vivre is what the restaurant aims to capture. Following a remarkable meal at KIKI’S, the invitation is extended to all patrons to linger and lounge, enjoy a drink, and celebrate life. The restaurant holds the belief that a great night out doesn’t necessarily conclude after dessert.

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